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1. How to take out survey?

All offers depend of country that you are from. For example for USA are few offers and they are all free. The same – others country have free offers too. You have to fill with real data all fields in every offer you want to fill. That is very important to shown phone number to celebrity you search. Our system is automatic and it know’s what celebrity you were searching and then – after succesfully filled offer it will show phone number to celebrity. That’s all what you need to know about it. Have fun!

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2. Why we do that?

We want to protect our site from BOT SPAM (if they’re spamming celebrity people are changing they numbers – it’s hard to find number again.

3. How long it take to do a survey?

Just 2 minutes! Fill it with real data then phone number will be shown on the screen! What are you waiting for? Move up!

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