6ix9ine Phone Number

6ix9ine Phone Number

Daniel Hernandez – known as 6ix9ine or Tekashi69. He gain his popularity by his non-proper texts and agressive rap style. We are very happy that you can get his phone number right now on our site. Tekashi69 was born in Bushwick at Brooklyn. His family: Mother is Mexican, Father is from Port Rico. When he was in 8th class in school he weas kicked and never back there. To make money he took the illegal jobs and trade with drugs to earn money for family.

His career began in 2014. Few years later he has a few number of video-clips on his account. FCK Them produced his first songs. You should follow celebrity phone numbers and get 6ix9ine phone number right now. Fernandez gain his fame when he started to post on instagram his first photos and thanks to reddit and twitter his posts was boosted to the top. That’s how social media do it!

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