Angry Grandpa phone number and whatsapp leaked this week

Angry Grandpa phone number and whatsapp leaked this week

Hi there dear Angry Grandpa fan! We see that most fans of Angry Grandpa search for his phone number. That wasn’t very easy for us to find that number and post it here. But, we do everything for you. First, read some info about that celebrity.

The videos feature Green reacting, usually angrily, to several things, such as pranks pulled by his youngest son, Michael Green (who works as a webmaster and graphic designer),[5] to current events, suc

h as the Casey Anthony trial; Michael was coined the nickname “Pickleboy” in 2009 after he attempted to prank Green, but it backfired. Michael jumped out of the bathtub and ambushed Green by throwing a bag of flour on him, but Green “pickled” Michael by throwing a jar of pickle juice on him and then shouted “PICKLE BOY! PICKLE BOY!!” Starting in 2014, Michael happens to have a prank tradition on Easter mornings where he pranks Green by giving him chocolate-covered raw eggs. Michael’s longtime girlfriend, Bridgette Nicole West, also nicknamed “Princess” or “Picklegirl”, is usually in on Michael’s pranks but sometimes she will deliberately foil upcoming pranks by tipping Green off beforehand, enabling him to turn the tables on Michael. An example of this is in the 2014 video, “Grandpa’s Bodyguard – The Prank” in which Michael attempted to prank Green into thinking he got robbed by breaking into his house while he was sleeping and taking his valuables. This backfired after Bridgette deliberately called Green and informed him. As a result, when Michael and Bridgette got there, Green was wide awake. He told Michael his pranking days were over and revealed that he had hired a personal bodyguard.

In 2011, Michael pranked Green by having him try playing “The Maze”, only for him to get scared of the girl in the game. Then, in 2012, Michael had Green play “Slender” only for him get scared of the Slender Man. The video ended with Green throwing him and Bridgette out of his house with his computer.

source: wikipedia

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