How to get a phone number?

How to get a phone number?

For some reason we can’t give the numbers on public website, you understand, thousands of people will be calling every minute and celebrity will change his number very quick. Try to understand us, we need to do this verification.

Of course all phone numbers are available for you. All you need to do is making human verification. What is it? It’s just quick offer that you need to fill in, after this action phone number will show on your screen and download as a file on your device.

How to do a offer? Read the tutorial:

  • It’s easy, after clicking/tapping the button, you will show this screen. All you need is to choose one of the offer and fill in it step by step.


  • If you want to choose another offer just close offer’s website, on our website you will see ‘click here to go back’, just click it and choose another offer
  • IMPORTANT! When you fill in offer DON’T CLOSE WEBSITES, just wait a while and after that phone number will unlock and you will show it! If for some reason it won’t happen just choose another offer and make it again.
  • In some offers you need to give your phone number, in others you must download and play some games, offers are different.
  • Now you can go back to: and contact with celebrity!

Thanks for visit our website and we hope and you could talk with your celebrity!