Jackie Chan Phone Number and EMAIL!

Jackie Chan Phone Number and EMAIL!

Jackie Chan Phone Number and EMAIL!

Hello guys again! We have a special phone for ya! This is a phone number to.. Jackie Chan! The master of films and fight! Don’t wait mate and try that number! That number was last updated: 1 day ago.

j1Let’s read some info about him! 🙂

Jackie Chan was born Chan Kong-sang on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong, China

In 1995, Chan developed his own comic-book persona, the principal number in Jackie Chan’s Spartan X, a show that hit newsstands in both Asia as well as the U.S. The exact sam-e yr, recently anointed leading ace Quentin Tarantino, fresh-off the success of Pulp Misinformation (1994), offered Chan having a Very Long Time Achievement Prize in the MTV Film Awards (the respecting Tarantino apparently threatened to boycott the service if Chan failed to get the honour). In 1996, New Line Cinema and Fantastic Crop collectively launched Rumble in the Bronx, Chan’s fifth Englishlanguage (called) launch but his first strike in Usa. The movie grossed $10-million in its first weekend of launch, capturing to No. 1 in the boxoffice; its success caused the American introduction of two preceding Chan movies, Offense Story and Drunken Master II.

After 2 less-successful attempts, Jackie Chan’s First Strike (1997) and Mr. Nice-Guy (1998), Chan had yet another major box-office success with Rush-Hour (furthermore 1998), an American-made action comedy. In-Rush Hour, Chan used his english language abilities as a Chinese officer on an exchange system in the United States of America who’s joined with a street-wise Los Angeles policeman, performed by the growing comic Joe Tucker. In 2000, Chan starred in Shanghai Midday, yet another cross-over humor-action movie set in the Old-West and co starring Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu.

The next summer, Chan reteamed with Tucker for the smash-hit sequel Rush-Hour 2,j2 that the action superstar brought in a sizable $15-million plus a share of the record breaking box office haul. In 2002, Chan costarred with Jennifer Love-Hewitt in The Tuxedo, an action-comedy of a taxi-driver who receives exceptional capabilities when he places on his chef tuxedo. The exact same year, he received a-star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was honored together with the Taurus Award for the best action film superstar in the World Stunt Awards. Additional current movies include Shanghai Knights, New Police Story as well as The Fantasy.

Chan is a famous philanthropist whose causes include preservation, creature therapy and disaster aid. In 2006, Chan declared that he’d give half his assets to charity when he perishes.

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