Jeremiah Clayton Davis Phone Number

Jeremiah Clayton Davis Phone Number

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Jeremy Davis (full name: Jeremiah Clayton Davis) was born on February 8, 1985 in North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Founding member and bass guitarist of Paramore – pop punk band, which he left in December 2015. jr1His nicknames are Worm and Schzimmy Deanie.
Jeremy grew up with his father who was the first person to show him different types of music. He presented him his first guitar and taught him how to play it. At that time Jeremy´s favourite bands were MxPx and Rancid; later also: Deftones, Death Cab for Cutie, Thrice, Sigur Ros, Paper Route, Mew. Jeremy´s first journey with music begun when his brother told him the band he was paying in was in need of a guitarist. When Jeremy was 19 years old he got into another band called Our Hearts Hero where he played for about one year. Jeremy also played bass for a band called The Factory, where he met Hayley.

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The following summer Jeremy met Josh and Zac and this was also when Hayley asked him to play bass with them. Since then they began to play whenever they had some free time in Franklin. Jeremy always joked that if they ever they needed a third guitarist, he would be up for it. Jeremy Davis quickly befriended with the rest of the group and in 2004 the four members decided to form a band officially called Paramore. At that time, Jeremy was not their official musician yet but it was about to change pretty soon. During the Warped Tour in 2005 in Atlanta, which Jeremy joined with the band, he realised that this was what he has always wanted to do. To his surprise, in December 2005, Josh called him, saying they needed a bass guitarist. Jeremy, who was in Cjr2alifornia at that time, was so excited that he could not wait and took the first flight to Nashville. He has played with Paramore since then. Shortly before the release of the album “All We Know Is Falling”, Jeremy left the band for personal reasons. Hayley and Josh wrote the song “All We Know” about his departure, but five months later Davis return to the band to record their next album Riot!

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On September 30, 2011, Jeremy married actress Kathryn Camsey. In August 11, 2013 he announced that Kathryn was pregnant. They kept the pregnancy hidden for five months and on December 28, 2013 their baby girl was born.
On December 14, 2015, Paramore’s official facebook account reported that Jeremy was leaving the band for personal reasons, however, Hayley and Taylor would continue playing as duo.
Jeremy´s favourite movies include: Dumb and Dumber, Shooter, Frequency, Saw, Drag Me to Hell, The Departed, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Life Aquatic, Twister, Anchor Man, Batman. His two favourite places in the world are his home and Ghengis Grill. The main interest of Jeremy include music, riding bike, eating unhealthy food, shooting guns, hanging out with his friends, extreme sports (and everything dangerous) people watching, and good conversations. He claims his superpower is not needing to sleep.

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