Marcus and Martinus Phone Number

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Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen – Norway pop duo making pop music. Their career began in 2012 year. They were born in 2002 year. During 64 weeks their first album called “Hei” has been placed on 1rst place of norways sold list. I think this is another siblings popular stars. They both grew up in the family interested in music. At the age 4-5 they started to sing on the choorus. Few years later they played spontanic concert in Tailand on one of the hotel parties. They won Grand Prix Junior 2012 with a song “To draper vann”.

Marcus and Martinus Phone Number

Of course they have to work hard and be the best celebrities on the world. They sing up contract with Sony Music. In Norway “Plystre pa deg” has been called the most popular hit in the country. We have a great example that what you do for fun – you can always have $$ from this.They do not knew that they will be a stars when they were singing at that party in hotel. It’s time now to see our proof that we really make an sms and call with them. They have only 1 phone number to avoid many messages and spam to both phones. We have that phone number. Look below:

This is true. We talk with them when we need. Everybody search contact information, phone numbers to Marcus and Martinus. Remember that the only site that is real is ours. Only we have Marcus and Martinus Phone Number. It’s updated and working so.. what are you waiting for? You can easily contact with them. Just click image below:


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