Rita Ora email and phone number – contact now!

Rita Ora email and phone number – contact now!

Rita Ora Phone Number and email – first site which is giving free phone number to Rita Ora! Read more info below!

Hello guys! We are coming with new phone number to Rita Ora! This is very popular person, so we are posting here phone number to her! We know you like her and searching contact to your favorite celebrity.

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r1Rita has an all-natural tendency toward combining road-beats with pop. Her music is the contents of her youthful brain spilling out into tune. The sounds she heard on the streets of Notting Hill, the brassy calypso and raga of Carnival mingling together with the ringtone pop emanating from fast food joints; the splash and funk of the locale’s black music history participating with all the refined sound of gentrification. If she seems black and white, hard and soft, rich and poor, it’s because her world is full of those contending factions also. She only learned to place everything to tune. “My first record,” she says, “had to sound just like my entire life.”

Equally, her brilliantly acquiring awareness of style is a dynamic and willful mismatch of high and low trend. A ball gown, Louis Vuitton shoes along with a biker coat make perfect sense to Rita’s exceptional trend instinct. Costume jewelry is interchangeable with opulent bling. She says working with a stylist “is the same as playing dressing up with friends and family prior to going for a night out, with a few more contacts.” Rita love to rock platinum blonde hair. At the prospect of going brunette, she remembers: “I attempted a wig on in Top Shop lately and only believed, never again.” She also adores her signature red lipstick, and was delighted to see young lovers at her recent London showcase who’d already caught on to her signature red smackers. “They were all rocking red lipstick on the front row! Yes. Furious.”r2


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