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Ryan Higa Phone Number

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Ryan Higa – he’s from Okinawa, born in Hilo, Hawaii on 1990. He began uploading videos on youtube in mid-2006 year. Meanwhile he was attending Waieka High School. His songs are amazing, contains comedic pieces also. I think you will like his music. He released the two most popular songs – How to be Ganster and How to be Emo. The videos has been deleted due to copyright violations. Ryan made a band, pop band called BgA. Their first song was Dong Sata Dae. Currently the song has almost 13 milions plays on youtube. Year later they released another song – Who’s It Gonna Be. This song is also not bad, but they can do it better. Oh, i forgot to say their YT channel has been called “The Yabo Crew”. He reached 3 milions of subscribers during 4 years.

Ryan Higa Phone Number

But what about his story with films? He took part in a film called Ryan And Seans Not So Excellent Adventure. Video was been directed by Richard Van Cleet. The film comes out in 2008 year. In United States the DVD was released in 2009. We know something about him now, and it’s time to see what is the phone number to Ryan Higa. Currently the phone number is avaliable in our site. Before we can make you possible to contact, we want you to give you a proff with a screenshot below:

I think you believe us this is not fake. Everybody knows that ryan higa phone number is wanted by many of you, and we are going to give you chance to talk/sms with him. There is no problem for us to share with you his phone number. We know you love him. To contact with Ryan Higa and make a call, click button below:


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