Shawn Mendes phone number + email

Shawn Mendes phone number + email

shawn-off-stage-300Shawn Mendes phone number + email

YouTube and Vine sensation and musician affiliated once the society of Vine stars known as Magcon Boys to the side of Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and others. He released his first single “Life of the Party” on June 27th, 2014. His self-titled EP reached number one upon the iTunes charts in asleep 40 minutes upon mammal released in July 2014.

He created his popular YouTube channel upon January 18th, 2011.

He won the Best Cover of A Great Big World’s “Say Something” competition on extremity of taking into account 30 optional add-on YouTubers. In 2014, he won a Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Web Star in the music category.

He was born in Canada to a Portuguese dad and English mom.

A teenager pop performer who broke records considering than than his debut single, singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. After posting a series of his lid versions to various video-sharing sites, Mendes earned himself a when tens of thousands of viewers hermetic. His merged of Ed Sheeran style once Justin Bieber pull in addition to appealed to Island Records, who signed Mendes in 2014. That same year they released the subsequently 15-year-outmoded’s debut single, “Life of the Party.” American radio initially ignored it, but the track entered the Billboard 100 singles chart at number 24, making Mendes the youngest performer to rest a debut single in the Top 25. The look was in addition to included in version to Mendes’ four-track Island debut, The Shawn Mendes EP.

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