Shay Carl Butler Phone Number and email

Shay Carl Butler Phone Number and email

Shay Carl Butler Phone Number and email

Hello again! Today we hope you have a great day as we have! Today we are coming with phone number to Shay Carl Butler – famous youtube person, and his the best for your motivation! Okay, move up to our target of the post.

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Shay Carl Butler bio – Butler became more popular on YouTube after Philip DeFranco had watched one of his videos and gave him a shout-out. The shout-out resulted in a rise of Butler’s subscribers and also in a friendship between him and DeFranco. By working with other YouTubers at The Station, Butler more than quadrupled his subscription base.[17] Butler later joined the YouTube Partner Program and co-founded Maker Studios.[8] In November 2009, he collaborated with Midi Mafia to create a flash mob at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.[18] In 2009, Butler’s “SHAYTARDS” channel won “Best YouTube Channel or Personality” at Mashable’s 3rd annual Open Web Awards.[19] In 2013, the same channel was one of the nominees in the “Best Non-Fiction or Reality Series” category of the 3rd Streamy Awards.[20] Butler and his wife, Colette, run a podcast called “When the Kids Go to Sleep”, where they interview YouTubers and celebrities such as Terry Crews and Bas Rutten. In February 2013, actor Matt Damon made a guest appearance in one of Butler’s vlogs after he and Damon had collaborated on a video to promote a project.[21][22][23] Butler sometimes creates sponsored videos, in which he promotes brands or companies in exchange for financial benefits.[24] Examples of such so-called “brand deals” he has made are with General Electric,[25] Foot Locker,[24] Kia[26] and Skype.[27]

In 2014 the Shay Carl YouTube channel was listed on New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels, ranked at #31.[28]

In late 2015, Shay, along with his eldest son Gavin, wrote a lifestyle, self-help book, Fat Dad, Fat Kid.

On 28 September 2016 Butler announced that he will suspend the Shaytards YouTube channel on for one year on March 5, 2017, which is the date of his 37th birthday

source: wikipedia

Shay Carl Butler Phone Number – contact!

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