Wengie Phone Number

Wengie Phone Number

Wendie Ayche – known as Wengie. She is a popular personality – YT vlogger, singer and voice actress. In 2018 her channel had almost 10 milion subscribers what makes her the most popular person from country – Australia. She inspired her name on YT “Wengie” by chinese name – Wén Jié Ayche 黄文洁. She is focusing on making videos on topics: beauty, fashion and do it yourself. She is the one of the fastest growing YT stars.

Wengie Contact Info and phone number

When it was 2013 Ayche created one more YT channel called WengieVlogs where she was publishing her vlogs. In 2018 she changed name to Wendie ft Wengie and still uloading videos. Ayche released first single in 2017 called Baby Believe Me. That single was #11 and boosted to #6 at Chinese music charts. Of course she was the boice of Blisstina Bliss Utonium in Australian version of Powerpuff Girls.

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